“Gina’s brand is a balloon with teeth.  There’s a lightheartedness, a fun and funny and almost carefree approach to some dark subjects, but every once in a while, the teeth are bared.” – Mary SanGiovanni, Night Moves

about gina

Gina Covarrubias was born a few days before the Manson Family trial began. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her familiar Princess Pumpkin Pie and others. After asking a cursed monkey’s paw to grant her wish of being able to support her family, Gina began a long career in writing, marketing, and reputation management.

Gina is the author of I Do What I Want: The Unmotivated Young Woman’s Guide to Survival. Her short stories, essays, and poetry have been published in Hip Mama, Bust, Burning Angel, Clean Sheets, and in bestselling New York Times author Pamela Des Barres’s book Let It Bleed. Longtime fans of Gina’s blogs are well-acquainted with her disastrous efforts to use witchcraft to manipulate her love life.

You can contact Gina via email at gina@ginacovarrubias.com or add her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. She might also accept the charges if you call her collect from prison.

Gina in her office/studio, smiling because she can’t hear the news.