2019: My Year in Review

Everyone I know is telling 2019 to not let the door hit it in the ass on the way out, but I disagree. I thought it was a great year. There were the usual things to be grateful for, like my family, my dogs, and my friends, but this year there was also a lot more.

From January 1st, I knew 2019 was going to be different. That day, I was pictured in a major publication’s year in review while I was in disguise, working undercover. By February, I was in disguise in a national magazine. That means my shady marketing endeavors were successful this year, and even more so than I expected. It opened up a lot of exciting possibilities.

In April, I took a research trip to California for my novel Friends to the End. I visited Sacramento, Folsom, and Manteca. I visited Dorothea Puente’s house, and I went to every single one of the Vampire of Sacramento‘s crime scenes. I also drove out to the wine country, where I stayed in a haunted hotel. While I was there, I was able to communicate with a ghost using an EMF meter. So there’s another bonus my 2019 gets: proof of a human afterlife. Until then, I’d only seen orbs, which could be anything.

In May, my youngest son Lux and I visited Liberace’s Palm Springs mansion. The same month, I finally quit the job for good that I’d been quitting for over three years. After I quit, I hired a trainer and dropped 30 pounds of stress weight. I went on to get two better jobs. I start the second one today, the last day of the year.

My New Year’s resolutions for 2020 are as follows:

  • Make time to review more books, particularly my friends’ books.
  • Get a horror short story published so I can join the Horror Writers Association.
  • Go blonde. It’s shallow, but I wanted to give myself one goal I could actually hit.

I’m sorry so many of my friends had a lousy 2019. I hope your 2020 is better. I’m hoping my 2020 is similar to 2019, except with more money, more ghosts, and more Liberace.

Ideally, in 2020, I will appear in newspapers and magazines as myself. And not because I committed any crimes.

On the left, how my friends felt about 2019. On the right, how I felt about it.


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