Who wants to write with Pamela Des Barres at my house?


I am excited to announce that I will be hosting the lovely Miss P’s next Las Vegas memoir writer’s workshop at my house on December 4th!

One of my favorite things about Pamela Des Barres’s workshops is how accessible she is. You don’t have to have any writing experience to attend. In fact, most of Miss Pamela’s Dolls do not have any writing experience at all. The workshops are about writing on the surface, but dive deeper and what it’s really about is building a community of supportive friends who share a love of all things rock and roll.

I’ve made friends and professional connections through being one of Miss Pamela’s Dolls, and I also got published because of it. Pamela Des Barres’s book Let It Bleed features stories from Dolls across the country and worldwide, and it also features two from yours truly.

We have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, so please come join us!





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