Killer Clown – Killer Deal

gacy amok

I saved this flyer from an exhibit of John Wayne Gacy’s art that I attended in July of 1988. Gacy was still alive then, and his paintings were selling for between $75 and $150. I really wanted one, but I worked at a pizza restaurant then, making $600 a month at a job I basically lived at. It seemed exorbitant at the time, so I didn’t buy the painting. I will never, ever forgive myself for that stupid shit.

I am taking forensic psychology this semester, so I’ve had to read, write about, and research Gacy a lot, especially over the last two weeks. I do own some Gacy art now, though I didn’t buy it until years after the exhibit, long after Gacy was dead. I have not admitted in class that I own serial killer art because I don’t want my professor and classmates to start silently analyzing me in their heads. At least not any more than they already are.

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