Is there a 12-step program for this?

I think I’m addicted to real estate listings. We took possession of our house on Friday, but I can’t stop checking the new listings to see what is on the market. I am also still following the progress of the houses I loved and lost.

I began my home search in earnest by searching for homes in my neighborhood of choice that were also crime scenes, hoping to find bargains. We found a couple of promising leads, including a home that had briefly appeared in the news because a dead body was found in it. Here’s a picture from the news during the five-minute window in which they had not yet discovered it was natural causes and thus was not exciting:

body houseLike almost every other house that was a great deal, we lost this one to investors, and they have since flipped the house and relisted it for far too much money. I wonder if the person who ends up with the house will ever know there was a dead guy in it?

One of the other discounted crime scene homes we were looking at was a steal because someone had been kidnapped from the home at gunpoint. The guy is still alive and well, but I guess it spooked his family enough that they left, and who can blame them? That one was also snapped up by investors, and now that they are renovating it I can see it is clear that they do not share my vision of remodeling it in the image of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, aka the Munsters’ house. They tore the roof shingles off and covered the whole thing in stucco. I would say this is a crime against the home, but I guess the house has seen worse.

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