Best of MamiDearest: Halloween Edition

Who am I kidding? Every day is Halloween at my etsy shop MamiDearest. (Add me if you’re not already on my etsy friend list.) Almost everything I make is horror-related. I am crafty and morbid.


This is my menopause acne hider. It works! My acne is barely noticeable when I wear it.

hello charlie

I was standing in Target, surrounded by Hello Kitty shit, and I thought to myself, is there anything that doesn’t have a Hello Kitty equivalent? Then it hit me: there is no such thing as a Charles Manson Hello Kitty hat. And now there is.


I made this shawl to ward off mal de ojo. So far, so good.


I started this set of throw pillows years ago, and I still have them sitting in a bag near my bed as if I am in the middle of doing it. It’s like I want to finish them, but I can’t wholeheartedly commit to death just yet.

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