What I’ve Been Reading: Halloween Edition

i call upon thee

No Halloween is complete without creepy, dysfunctional little girls with a Ouija board. If you want your Halloween to be complete, I recommend Ania Ahlborn’s novella I Call Upon Thee.


Bad Ronald has always been one of my favorite movies, so how in the hell did I not know it was also a book until this year? Over these past two months, as I have struggled through the real estate market, Bad Ronald has remained on my mind. The presence of a potential Bad Ronald situation is something you have to be aware of as you are touring homes.


I felt dirty reading Bryan Smith’s All Hallows Dead. I also feel dirty recommending it. But come on…you know you want to read a book that is almost entirely comprised of gratuitous sex and violence. Or is that just me?


There are bloodthirsty ancient vampires aboard this cruise ship, and the Lido Deck has never seen more action. Before you make the mistake of believing you can go on a cruise without running the risk of becoming a human sacrifice, read K.R. Griffiths’s Adrift.


And, last but not least, more fucked-up Little Girls, courtesy of Ronald Malfi. What’s worse than children with a Ouija board? Homicidal child ghosts, that’s what.


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