“Gina Covarrubias should belong to some tradition of women writers, but historically the women who would have formed that tradition were burned at the stake.” – Kevin Keck, Oedipus Wrecked

you cant change him

No one has wasted more time, money, and energy on bad boyfriends than Gina Covarrubias. After dating every conceivable form of undesirable mate, she became a de-facto expert on couch guys, lead singers, and pathological liars. If you’re dating a deadbeat, don’t learn the hard way like Gina did; instead, let her show you how to transform yourself to break unhealthy patterns.

Whether you’ve found this site because you’re considering dating a prison inmate or you’re trying to save a one-sided relationship, you’re in the right place. Are you tired of wondering where your man is, if he’s cheating on you, or if he’ll ever get a job? Once you’ve read Gina’s books and blog posts, you’ll understand how little the answers to those questions actually matter.

How to create the perfect marriage according to Doreen Lioy, aka Mrs. Night Stalker.